Education – A Valuable Asset

Education is a life process and it only ends when one leaves this world. Education is the great hope for the survival of mankind and for the progress of civilisation. It is sometimes very difficult to see the precise value of education but it is a truth and an accepted fact that the strength and progress of a society and a nation depends on a the spread of educational facilities available to its population. The actual aim of education is not only to enable one to earn enough for oneself and one’s family but also to help one to contribute something towards society as well as humanity as a whole. Knowledge is required for a better understanding of the world around us. This is the fundamental human right of an individual. Finally we need education to know the ultimate truth in life – why we are in this world and what God expects us to do during our stay here. We can say that education is the first ideal instrument of an individual for pursuing the path of development.

To conclude, “life is an open book and only education gels one to write one’s own success story.”

– Utsavi Sevak