A touch of Destiny

‘It’s true; life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny, the boy thought’

Destiny is like a train we drive through crossroads, signals and sharp turns thinking about what would happen next when in reality the next is already happening to us. We spend our whole lives waiting for the big moment to happen but we forget that the big moment lay in our father’s words when he said how proud he was of you. When your mother told you how she didn’t want anything else but you. How your sibling slyly corrects your grammar during a fight because they know you outsmarted them.

Because Destiny is a train without pit stops and it drives us to our very beginning. And as I sit back on my ride to destruction and the genesis of the unknown, there’s one thing on my mind, ‘Am I driving the train or is the train driving me?’

So I lay my head back and I close my eyes and I think. I think about the good days and I think about their smiles, smiles with a glint in their eyes and wrinkles starting to spread. With a kind of hope so good, it makes you question the way you drove your train. Maybe, maybe just for a while, it drove you. It drove you to places and people you’ve never encountered. To feelings that you’ve never touched before. Realizing maybe, that it drove you to you. A you, you didn’t want to stray away from.

As I look at their faces after a million years, I realize, that maybe heroes aren’t qualified by their capacity to stay but by their decision to return. So when people leave, let them. Their destiny awaits. It awaits at home. Generously.



  • Inspired from the life and lessons of Santiago. May his journey never end.

Ishali N Dawoodani

SE Mech