An Insight to the Jet of Knowledge

SAE (Society of Automation Engineers) gathered everyone on a Saturday morning in the presence of Faiyyaz Shaikh. His outranking degrees of BE in Mechanical, M tech in Machine Design and finally MBA in Marketing was reflected in his knowledge on the subject. He has been serving Air India as the Assistant General Manager of Technical Services for the last 25 years! He came among us for the sole reason to enlighten us on the working of a jet engine.

An Airplane flies in mysterious ways which are understood by the simple dynamics of fluid- air. The lift and drag, the take-off and landings made complete sense as to how such a massive body travelled at that height. What really was the core was the jet engine that made it all possible. The propellers at the entry sucked all the air in only to decrease its pressure leading to increase in their velocity. This velocity gained is what propels the aircraft forward. This little piece of information is the gist of what the jet engine is composed of.

With a full house, the SAE chapter hence conducted its first event of the year 2K17 whose knowledge was welcomed by all the students!