Beer Biceps

It just seemed like an usual day in college when I stumbled upon a notice stating that Beer Biceps would be in college on the very day. Unfortunately, I was already an hour late. I still tried my luck and rushed to the seminar hall. To my surprise, the talk hadn’t started. It was one of the very few events where being late proved memorable for me.

All I knew about Ranveer Allhabadia aka Beer Biceps was that he ran some sort of fitness channel on YouTube. Being a very recent graduate, the crowd was at ease. Then started the life story of Beer Biceps ; who currently has 100k + subscribers on YouTube.

He started by telling that how he was always a top notch student throughout his school years and even in his +2. Like the most of us, he stumbled upon engineering. Failing in his Bee paper in SEM 1 demotivated him and was one of the very first instances that made him realise that engineering wasn’t for him. Having a ‘body builder’ type body in his undergraduate days didn’t quite always favour him when it came to marks and grades, as he said. Having interned with a fitness startup, Ernst and Young and 2 more internships in his 4 years made him aware that he was not going to follow the conventional routes. Clueless after his graduation, Ranveer then joined his uncle at his factory to learn about the basics of business. Through self realisation, he knew that he could only put his heart and soul into something related to fitness. Thus, starting with personal training to raise funds for photography equipment, began the journey of Beer Biceps.

The bottom-line of his entry talk was to be bold enough to think outside the MBA, MS and placement path. He also stressed that being a YouTuber and entrepreneur might seem cool but the efforts involved are double.

A very enriching and eye-opening seminar apart from the technical ones if you ask me. All thanks to E-Cell, DJSCE!