Being An Only Child



Being the only child comes with its set of pros and cons. Since you are the only child you tend to become responsible and independent at an earlier age as compared to others. It also helps you to find ways to be more productive and boosts the creative side of you. Since you get used to being alone most of the time, it might get a little difficult or awkward to gel in at a social setup. But you are keen on finding new friends with whom you can relate to on a personal level. Not every single child necessarily fits into the presumed stereotype of being overly pampered and getting their demands fulfilled each time. That totally depends on your parents. But yes, you might not learn things like sharing or sacrificing for others in your childhood, which might make it a little difficult for you as an adult. Things like sibling fights over TV remote might sound hilarious to you since you haven’t faced a situation like that before. Sometimes you might feel lonely but you will always find a way out to compensate for it. Now that could be anything from taking up a sport or getting better at a hobby. Kids who are the only child tend to be a bit more competitive. Privacy might become an essential factor for you as an adult.  You aren’t compared with your siblings on any grounds and won’t be bombarded with a truck load of expectations. Things like exploring something new, reading a favourite book or watching a movie might interest you a lot. Also dealing with smaller kids might seem like a monumental task.

In my opinion there are both perks and downsides of being the only child, but it all comes down to how you channel your talents and minimizing your weaknesses to become a better individual.