Book Review – The Google story

Having read enough John grisham books in the recent past , I tried to find a different genre to read. Luckily , I found this book on a roadside stall for a mere Rs. 90.
We all have at some point been infatuated with Google. Some by the sheer volume of its contents and some by the hefty packages it has to offer (engineering college did this to me). But little do we know about the building blocks of this company which has become no less than a necessity today. The founders make me happy because they broke stereotypes and became billionaires after attending college.
Starting with the name , the book has a beautiful few pages to describe how they came up with it. For those who don’t know , Google is derived from the word googol which means 10^100 indicating the infinite amount of knowledge they have in store. The creation of Google doodles was also no less than an achievement. But the start of it all was by inserting a tilted man inside one of the O’s telling that the early employees and founders were at the burning man festival, one of the many things that made the bond of Sergey and Larry stronger. Buying their own parts and building the computers themselves. This was the efforts they put into making the Google we know today. Surprisingly, the book told a different story about the homepage other than the lame Facebook posts that told that they creators didn’t know much of programming back then. The reason the page is so simple is that it helps in yielding results faster. Free and quality search is what they always aimed for. Having said all this , the company also went public in 2004 and had an opening of just over 300$ per share!
To sum it up , the book is based on the immense efforts put into making of this tech giant. The backstage story of it is worth knowing. Overall a must read for budding entrepreneurs!
Simranjeet Lamba