Feminism – A Paradox?

There was a time where this world was ruled by Great People like Akbar, Alexander, Tutankhamen, Ashoka, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. but somehow in the names of these great leaders, women never came into the picture of the Historic Past except for few of course like Cleopatra, Rani Lakshmi Bai or Queen Elizabeth. But these are very few to name when we compare to the number of men in past that have been influential on our today’s society.Our whole History has always shown a biased behaviour towards men because maybe Our Ancestors thought men were the only supreme gender andwomen are inferior beings, maybe they even thought that women are maniacs and made most stupid decisions so they never gave thoseopportunitiesto them to prove themselves.

So when did this whole scenario changed? So how mentality of such an Orthodox Society did became open? If we had to define an era it would be After the World War – II.After World War the countries in race of development started giving women opportunities they deserved hence many woman after world war – II began to receive education and soon many Women have risen as Doctors, Astronauts, Icons, Legends and marched to be Presidents.

Today Our Whole Society lives on the sword of woman’s eye and indications. It’s funny to realize that once the men who use to raise their voice every now and then all of sudden turns into a Pet dog at just strong voice of their Wives. It’s will be a stunning thing looking at the current scenario that soon in near future it will be men who be Scared to leave their houses at midnight instead.

But in this weird trend of Feminism, where every other woman want to prove themselves as Feminist, which turns out to be that they act fake most of the time just to gain respect and fame. Feminist means one who supports women’s rights on grounds of political, social and economic grounds. It means one who fights for women’s equality against men. But some people around this globe have taken a total different aspect of this Feminism Movement. Many woman declare themselves as feminist by shutting or dissing other women of the same level through various mediums like movies, songs, columns, etc. Like seriously? Do they really think that by doing that they are proving themselves as Feminist? Actually these women who run for Feminism should actually learn its meaning first then proclaim it.

But on other sad note even if women try they can never dominate world entirely because a woman just cannot digest the fact that some other woman is standing by their side and hence unity is never intact because of their respective egos. Feminism started with a wide vision to receive equal love and respect as men but for that ultimatum goal women will have to compromise on their egos.