Book Review – Kane and Abel

Jeffrey Archer’s ace novel ,’Kane and Abel’ is indeed a touching symphony of altering emotions . From gratitude to greed and from vengeance to modesty, the book is an amalgam of all the possible factors required to build a triumphant individual. As a matter of fact, it does actually transfer you to a time of ultimate supremacy.

The book comprises of heavy-styled text of around six hundred and fifty pages, available at a price of Rupees Three Hundred. The novel is a work of fiction which could be called a modern classic. The plot of the book is realistic and explains to us the journey of two different men who intend to make a mark for themselves in the world.

The story revolves around the two central characters- William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski who are born on the same day, yet with absolutely different fates; one makes his future, while the other continues to better the present. Both of them seem to have equal capabilities and own the potential to do extraordinary things , yet life plays its charm and makes them each other’s sworn enemies .

Abel Rosnovski is the very first character mentioned in the plot who turns out to be the illegitimate son of somebody unknown. He is gradually adopted by a poor family of eight members who accepts the newborn irrespective of their strained living conditions and name him Wladek. With the flow of time, Wladek’s ownership is transferred to the Baron as his abilities and ease of imbibing academic content impresses him. Thus, Abel’s life takes a different direction from here onwards.From facing war to escaping a torture camp and from relocating five times to learning varied skills, he experiences almost everything , finally taking him to America to build his future.

On the other hand, William is born to a family of bankers who are sufficiently rich and plan their child’s future the moment he takes his first breath in the world. William too proves to be an exceedingly bright student . However life isn’t soft on anyone and even he has to go through a chain of demanding tribulations. He loses both his parents at a relatively young age and is made to deal with life and its obstacles all by himself. He acquires umpteen accolades and turns out to be an acute banker.

Gradually time plays its role and causes William and Abel, two very mighty personalities to encounter each other on different consequential incidents, both blind to the significance of the other. Thus, the tale is about two very proficient gentlemen who are similar in a hundred ways, owing to their diligence and sheer sincerity to their respective professions, and yet cannot stand the sight of each other. This explains the ironies filled in their lives and highlights the manner in which they tackle life’s adversities.

The plot is enthralling and has an everlasting effect. Also, it leaves a strong impression on the readers’ minds and makes them want to read further and further. The vocabulary used is concrete and the scenario is explained in a highly adept and specific manner.

Thus, in conclusion, the book ‘Kane and Abel’ is definitely worth a read and conveys the message that no-one should hold onto their grudges for a lifetime.


  • Sasha Hakhu