Passion or Pension?

Engineering-Most people choose this branch of science or rather highly popular career choice in a bid to acquire a fat paycheck down the line.
We have all been there-
You are 15 or 16, fresh out of school, you feel exhilarated because you are about to experience college life, you have passed your board examination with flying colors and you are forced to make a rather taxing commitment of selecting engineering as a career choice.
It is extremely disappointing to see young people , who could have been amazingly victorious in another branch of their own choice , living a forced life because ‘Society’ thinks that since they have done well in their exam, science and engineering is a very obvious career choice for them.
They ask, “Oh, you scored 90% in your board examination, what’s next? Science, right?”, and we all know how it goes from there.
The youth needs to make their own career choice. We know what’s best for us.
We all need to give wings to our dreams, nurture our talent and spark new ideas.
Choose your passion, not your pension. Do not let society¬†define you or your career choice. Let your passion consume you and you will discover happiness. And, it’s never too late to be what you could have been.
Choose passion, over pension.
Do what you love, love what you do.
-Dimple Rathod.
 F.E IT.