Patriotism vs Freedom of Expression

The human race passes through a pivoting point of it’s history in our era. We are witnessing shock waves of changes on a day to day basis. Possibly because of the advent of the internet that has given all of us the power to voice your opinion across countries, across continents and directly onto everyone’s screens. With the power to wield your opinion onto others virtually, there are constant clashes among us fellow netizens. Taking this in mind, I will be addressing about an age old debate. Patriotism versus Freedom of Expression. While Patriotism has been an archaic term stuck with us since the birth of the concept of ‘countries’ themselves, Freedom of Expression is relatively young emerging from the Renaissance. I believe that in today’s world we are no more differentiated by our nationalities. Globalisation has been a dominant force in this era and we should embrace it. To vigorously stick to your country’s stand even if it can be morally wrong is completely unethical. Today’s generation wants to speak out rather than bow down before age old philosophies. That is why the idea about Freedom of Expression needs to flourish. We need to talk and not just virtually. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with patriotism. One’s country should always have it’s special place in one’s heart. The only problem is that when someone is too patriotic it restricts their mindset to your own country. This is where the problem starts. We need to reach out to other corners of the earth, we need to think about mankind as a whole rather than a species which is divided into 196 countries. And this is where the Freedom of Expression will play a major factor in our history. It is the next level of thought.

-Advait Naik