Starting The New Year on a Philosophical Note

Treachery, defeat, depression, appraisal, approval, failure, success, joy, humility, the ability to never give up, the feeling that you may never rise again, walking, talking, etc., etc….The list of these things can go on forever and ever, but the question is, what are these things? Are they feelings, emotions, states of the mind or just illusions? The fact of the matter is that these things are little blocks that fit into life’s big Rubiks’ cube.


Now, the reason that I call life a ‘Rubiks’ cube’ and not just a plane and simple cube is because life isn’t given to us straight, it is given to us twisted. It is up to us how we decide to make it straight , the methods we use, the skills we apply, whether or not we even attempt to make it straight at all.


Thus,all the words, emotions or abstract entities mentioned earlier in this article are mere factors thats come in and go from everyones’s life, no-one is exclusive. However, what is exclusive is one’s determination and will to mould these factors either into prospective opportunities or perpetual hindrances. 


Our life is made of happiness, grief, success and failure but that does not account for the quality of ones life, those are the basic ingredients that make up the story of every other person’s life. What decides the quality of your life, is you and your mind that is only yours, which nobody can change.


So, all in all, be curious but also be wise; wise enough to tell the difference between the vehicles on the road and the road itself. For all you know, what you thought to be a car in a lane might just as well be a ship in the sea or a plane in the air. Therefore, judge emotions, not people and before making that judgement, judge the situations that ignite those emotions first.
                                                                            -Sasha Hakhu