Surrounded by Controversies

This is exactly what film-maker Karan Johar’s situation is; following the release of the most awaited movies this year, “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, featuring the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. To his (Karan Johar’s) misfortune, this film was set to release just when the cross-border conflicts were intensified, after the Uri attack on India by Pakistan.

Many people are of the view that no Pakistani actor should be allowed to act in Indian films. It is, but of course unfair to the soldiers who risk their lives and fight for us at the LoC, just so that we can have a peaceful night’s sleep; and yet such film-makers and producers think of nothing more than their own businesses.

But, if I am to play the Devil’s advocate, I’d say, it is just as unfair to both the actors and the film-makers, because the actors came here in search of a job; and this film was shot much earlier; much before these attacks took place. So how is this fair to them? And when the time comes to choose sides, whose side will we take? Our nation, or our sense of fairness? Can we revisit our policy of giving visas to the Pakistani artists?


Shreya  Nair