The Truth about Truth

We all know the definition of truth, don’t we? “Something that seems to be correct to us and applies to our conscience is true for us!” But have you ever wondered why does anything applies to our conscience and we feel that it is true…. ?

So here I am trying to solve this quest about truth.

In today’s world we all have to make decisions in our everyday life , they maybe big or small, but every decision we make affect our lives. Sometimes we cherish and are happy about the steps we take and sometimes we repent them .Sometimes we just do things abruptly while sometimes we meticulously plan them before execution; trust me even though you plan them or don’t the things are bound to happen as they are already destined to, only when they happen according to our plan we say “The plan was a success”

So, if things are bound to happen as they already are destined to, then what is the meaning of truth … and why do we need to discover it ; when it is already fixed in the universe !

The question is not to discover the truth ! The question is to realise the truth and test it to the fullest with the intellectual tools of curiosity, perseverance and open-mindedness…. And all those truths which can withstand all these tests can be realised to be fundamental truths as they form the mere basis of our decision-making process. Truth has to always be tested and refined … as it brings out the best in it and helps us comprehend it in a better way

For Example:

In olden days it was assumed that the earth was stationary and the sun and other celestial bodies revolve around the earth and people who opposed this were sent to jail… but there was one man who opposed this was none other than Nicolaus Copernicus who was in favor of heliocentrism …. Later on when science progressed further it was discovered that both of them were correct as ‘motion’ in itself is a relative term and they were describing the motion as it felt to them.

The above example is a glimmering story which shows us that just like a river truth too is flowing and changing but the true essence of it ie. water in the river remains same. In the same manner truth too goes on developing and evolving as the time progresses.

To end my discussion , I would like to give a twist to a well renowned saying ” every coin has two sides”… To which I would add ” if a coin doesn’t have two sides its not a coin