Care for some content…? All eyes on A.L.F!

Too caught up with Sheldon and his eccentric group of friends or too busy catching up with the latest episode of Gotham? It’s time you learned about this furry happiness-escalating alien who is made to change his residence from Planet Melmac to a normal random human household on Planet Earth. Sounds too basic to draw your attention and keep you gripped for all of its four seasons? Well, I say give it a try. This show entails much more than what can possibly meet the eye.

Why, don’t you turn towards shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who to provide you with that fantasy edge and virtual escape from the chains of the regularity of life? This show not only gives a kick to your imagination but it also has a lot of philosophical morals and knowledge to offer; that too, in a way that’s backed up with humor and wit. We all talk about all-time TV favorites like ‘Friends’ despite it being a little behind our generation, then why let a classic like this bite the dust?

From homages to evergreen silent black and white cinema, to parodies of talk shows of that time and much more, this TV series is packed with a twist in the tale of almost every episode. One of my personal favorites is the Christmas Special episode of season two. As the name of the show suggests, “A.L.F” which when expanded translates into- ‘Alien Life Form’ is about an alien whose planet blows up and is left at the mercy of fate and destiny. He lands up in a family not too different from any other ordinary house. However, what does distinguish this family from the other common households is their willingness to accept a change and accommodate a being of a completely different constitution and conduct.

Yes, ALF surprisingly does talk in the same language as ‘Earthlings’ and even has the same fetishes as most of us humans but what really humanizes him and makes him so likeable in spite of being an alien is his desire to be one of a kind and yet abide by all things nice and socially withstanding.

The show comprises a total of four seasons and an extended movie to give the final season’s cliffhanger episode a proper climax. From befriending a blind woman to changing mediocre people’s rotten lives for the better to being mistaken for a dog several times, ALF has done it all and been through it all.

To kids, ALF may only seem like a source of entertainment that serves the purpose of making people laugh and play silly. However, a more mature audience would actually be able to see through the pain of ALF who understandably isn’t in the comfort of ‘his’ home or in the company of his kind. Yes, it is sad for all those who can comprehend ALF’s plight and given that he’s called “ALF”, thus giving him the tag of an unwelcomed outsider right away is kind of insensitive but that just goes on to show how ignorant humans can be of a slightly dissimilar being.

Although, don’t let the agony of the subtext fool you into giving up on this show. The show provides its audience with a number of good laughs and a greater meaning of life. Some may even aspire to be like ALF.

Be sure to watch each and every episode of this series as it guarantees an optimistic view on life and a refreshing outlook on various existential phenomena. A.L.F is sure to knock you out with a dose of laughter that only an individual as direct, innocent, ingenious and caring as Gordon Shumway (a.k.a A.L.F) can cause.

Spoiler alert:- ALF loves cats in a different way and possesses green blood. So, go ahead and give this worth-a-watch show a try. Also, don’t pass on it just because it is a product of the 80’s. Remember, the youth ain’t too old for nothing. Where to find these episodes you may ask? I’m sure you’ll find out!

P.S:- While you’re in the pool of slightly older TV shows and the classic comedy genre, do check out- Gilligan’s Island, Different Strokes, Mind Your Language and well…you’ll get the drift, just keep an open mind and ‘modern expectations’ off.

-Sasha Hakhu