Report on GSoC, FOSS and Blockchain Seminar

The seminar on GSoC, FOSS and blockchain was conducted by Mr. Ronak Doshi, a TE student from the computer engineering department, on 10th of March, 2018.

Mr. Ronak, a GSoC intern himself, has had a lot of experience regarding open source software development as well as blockchain technogy.

The seminar began with Ronak introducing GSoC and the basic idea behind it. He gave a brief review of the different organizations that one can apply for as well as a few tips as well about what the companies expect from the applicants. Then he skimmed through the application process itself and gave an idea about what one should put in his/her application. This was followed by Ronak showing his own application to the students and gave some tips about the things that made his own resume stand out.

This was followed by a lecture on the use of version control. He went around the topics of git and using GitHub as well as contributions to open source projects. A brief overview on what exactly is an open source projects as well as different organizations and their ideas about open source was also given.

Then Ronak moved on to explain blockchain and how it worked. An overview of what cryptocurrencies are was also done and the seminar concluded with Ronak listing out a few sources to trade bitcoins on.