Report on Hackprep by Unicode

Unicode’s first event for the First Years was held on the 13th of February, 2018. The event “HACKPREP” was aimed at introducing hackathons and involving more and more first years into coding right from the start of their college. The entire event was primarily conducted as two parallel sessions- Web Development and App development.

This event was exclusively held for the students of Computer and IT branches.

At 7:30 in the morning, a large group comprising of FE’s and SE’s assembled in the seminar hall and C1 classroom of Computer Engineering department on the 6th floor, for the respective Web and App development sessions.

Both the sessions began with a little bit of introduction of the mentors who comprised of TE’s and BE’s. The TE’s were the ones who were to conduct the lessons that day, under the watchful eye of the BE’s.  After their introductions, both sessions were familiarized by their aims for the day. These sessions were designed to not only make students understand what and how a Hackathon works, but also be a catalyst in beginning their journey in coding.

For Web development, the students were initially taught the basics of python, followed by sessions of teaching and going through front-end languages like HTML. They were taught to draft a basic webpage. For most students the idea of being able to design their own webpage was a delightful affair.

In the App development session, students were introduced to JavaScript and were introduced to ‘Functions’. They were given an overview of Android and its applications.

Following a sumptuous lunch, the sessions continued on full swing. Both Web and App, began work on their aims of the day. Through Web development, students would build their own blogpost website using Django, and students attending the App development workshop would be able to build an app, that would have a movie poster and clicking on which would let the user view details of the said movie. After these sessions, the students were introduced to GIT, its advantages and its reach. Post this the event concluded with an informal question and answer session.

This 10hr interactive marathon sessions, were unique and new to everyone. This workshop did stand out, as it was more about understanding small concepts and learning the logic. Besides serving its purpose to familiarize students with concepts, the workshop also promoted junior-senior interaction. At the end of the day, the students went back, not just satisfied, but also with an urge to learn more and explore the exciting world of Hackathons.