If thee be my beloved and my only beloved,

If thee pen a few love sonnets in my name,

If I wander into the dark forests,

To pick sweet wild flowers for thee,

among the venomous ivy.


If then my life moves into a perilous abyss,

Where in all I see is profound uncertainty.

If my virtues make me abundant foes,

and then your charm gets you caught,

in someone’s wicked wit.


A demonic mind gets hold of thy naive intention,

And begins to plot an evil chasm,

To put an end to mine life for a personal gain,

And he maketh thee the executioner of his ideas.


If thee stab me in the public square,

out of a gesture seeking a lovely embrace,

The blade would would make me perish,

But my heart would catch fire at that very moment.


That you was a monster in the guise of an,

Mine mouth should say the good old, “Et tu brute ?”

Or I should plainly lie there in an unending anguish.

And then resolve to haunt you till long,

after mine heart stops beating