A look from top to bottom
A smirk from the side of the face
Eyes emanating lust
Every sign of disgrace

A whistle that makes you shut your eyes tight
Hoping it doesn’t get closer
Or other animal sounds that are
Very characteristic to an eve teaser

Well these are some things
You can walk off and ignore
But when sound moves to touch
You freeze, incompetent of outroar

Shoulders hitting shoulders
More inside than where shoulders end
People always run into your back
Everytime you bend

Elbows jabbing into your body
In a stuffy rickshaw
“There’s a lot of potholes
I ain’t breaking any law”

You walk on a crowded street
And feel that brush on your thigh
You realise it isn’t someone’s bag
Just a despicable passer-by

You stride to the office in hopes of
Dressing yourself fancy with the money
But some eyes there only plan to
Undress you in an alley

To note personal experience
The frequency of the occurrence
And I’ll tell you calmly
With neutral indifference

“In a matter of a year
I distinctly remember four
It’s happened way more times
You just learn to ignore”

Oh the touch, like needles
Injecting hot metal in you
And it burns all over
With your dignity bidding an adieu

But now, all the metal you fed me with
I’ll call it adamantium
And be stronger than your unabashed self
And knock some sense into your cranium

The country you worship my feminity in
And respect the woman’s power
Some maniacs plan to strip it off
And store us in their drawer

Before you cross a path that wide
That coming back is no option
Learn you fool that we’re still standing strong
After the millionth “it’s a girl” abortion

We have love to offer
With our embrace so warm
We can battle chilly blizzards
And walk through storms

We’ve walked on fire and swam through oceans
Deeper than anyone can see
So women let’s shun the silence and
Bear a spirit that’s free

-Aditi Chavan