Football Team of DJSCE brings home a gold medal

On 20th January, 2019 DJSCE’s football team led by Arsh Mhate, won a gold medal in the competition, Athlos’ ’19, organised in Supari Talaw, Bandra. The final score of the match was one for one and the result of the match was decided through penalties. The final score of the penalties was four for two with our college team winning.
The match consisted of two halves, fifteen minutes each. The opposition team from the college, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology had scored a goal in the opening three minutes of the game and built early pressure. What followed was a gruesome battle among the lads to find an equaliser to save the team. After a series of failed efforts, a free-kick was awarded in the dying minutes of the game. The free-kick was taken valiantly by the team’s captain Arsh Mhate and a breath-taking tap-in was scored by Devesh Poojari and Maneel Modi to find the team’s solitary goal and equaliser. Last but not the least, our team’s shot stopper Adwait Wajpe, who was substituted in the game after the equaliser, with a specialty in saving spot kicks, managed to save two penalties. This effort was no less than the equalising goal and was a moment of great sportsmanship in DJS football history.
Overall, our college’s team showed great effort and ambition under the leadership of captain Arsh Mhate and vice-captain Karan Maru to win the competition and bestow the college with such an honour.

-Neel Doshi