The Upcoming Elections on Mars

January 26th, 3019. The Republic of Mars.
On a controversial newsletter named ‘Mars Today’ an article titled “Is Mriyanka Ganji the right choice to lead the RRMC?” was published. The article read:
Mriyanka Ganji, finally, took the plunge in Mars politics after years of speculation. RRMC announced her as the General Secretary of Republican Red Mars’ Congress.
RRMC chief and Mriyanka’s brother, Mehul R. Ganji indicated that he was thinking long-term when he appointed his sister as party’s general secretary.
Mriyanka had been, till now, assigned to spearhead her campaigns in the Lower Quarters. The Lower Quarters is a stronghold of the opponent RMP mascots because the Prime Minister’s constituency and his close aide Kopi Nath’s political headquarter are prominent parts of the Lower Quarters.
“The Lower Quarters have been an essential part of our life. But the people have been forced to bear the burden of our government’s failure. This has lead to massive riots,” Ganji said referring to the Sector 11 riots that happened last month. “The rise of unemployment, illiteracy, and inflation has led to a steady downfall of our economy. But the current government has turned a blind eye towards it.”
“[Mriyanka] will work to take our ideology forward,” he continued. “There will be a rise of new thinking and we will see a resurgence of the sense of unity that freed our nation from the Earth colonisers.”
Following the heels of the announcement, the ruling party reacted to it. RMP spokesperson Hambit Datra said, “RRMC has opted for a ‘family alliance’ after the local leaders rejected the proposal of the grand alliance.”
Taking a dig at RRMC, Datra said, “It was natural that somebody from the family had to be ‘crowned’. This battle had always been between the dynasts and actual workers.” He further added, “This announcement has, officially, told the people that Mehul Ji has failed and RRMC have lost their faith in him.”
The article finally ends with the words: Will this be the rise of new Mars?
In a distant nation named India, during a different time, had a reader found this article they would have found it amusing… similarities in the political situations of Mars and their own country.

-Saaransh Mishra