A look back at the most fun event by DJ LIT, the February 2019’s JAM!

On 1st February 2019, DJ LIT, the literary committee (*JAMs on the table hard* It’s a society, not a committee) organised its most popular annual event called Just-A-Minute (J.A.M) in the Drawing Hall one at 2:30 pm. The audience as well as the participants kept up with the trend by turning up in large numbers throughout the event.
First up, the trial round, this saw a few committee members give a gist of how a J.A.M is played out. It acted as a catalyst to warm up the audiences as the rules were read out to them by the J.A.M master, Darren Lasrado.
J.A.M challenges the JAMmers to speak for a minute on a given topic without repetition, hesitation or deviation. For every second spoken, the speaker is awarded one point. If another participant JAMs when the speaker is talking, he has to point out an error which the speaker made. The errors are classified into minors and majors. Hesitation or repetition was considered as a minor error while usage of slang or any grammatical errors were considered to be major errors on the speaker’s side. For every correct minor error identified, two points were awarded to the JAMmer and as for each major error pointed out, five points were awarded. If the error pointed is deemed incorrect by the JAM master, the points are awarded to the speaker. The JAMmer with maximum points advanced to the next round.
Darren, hosting his second J.A.M, proved to be relentless on the participants with each round intensifying as the contest progressed. The topics ranged from quirky to funny to controversial at times. In order to add the zing the concept of DELIGHTS was included into the format of the competition where the participants were asked to perform a task after they JAMed at a speaker. The JAM master called out these DELIGHTS before every round which saw the participants danced, mimicked a dialogue, said out a cheesy pick-up line or sang a cringey song.
The audience formed an integral part of the event as they kept their spirits just as high as those of the participants. They cheered and booed all along and ensured there was no slip in energy in the room.
The participants’ panel had students from all the years that is FE to BE. Eventually, Mokshit Mehta, an F.E student, won the final round and finished first with Pruthav Jhaveri being the runner up as he fell marginally short of the winner’s status.
Sanya Khare, the Chairperson of the DJ LIT Society, was delighted at the event’s success, “A J.A.M is an event which guarantees success, especially with a witty J.A.M master and a lively audience. But this one was beyond our expectations! With challenging, humorous topics being presented along with the participants’ fiery response even under pressure, the audience could not help but laugh and cheer. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for more!”
The attraction of the J.A.M lied less in the contest than in the humour and banter between the JAMmers, the J.A.M master and the audience.

-Malhar Hathi