Report on Blood Donation Drive 2019 by NSS

“There is no greater joy than saving a soul, and one pint Blood Donated saves 3!” #EveryDropIsMagical

The NSS Unit of D.J. Sanghvi college, in co-ordination with the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Mandir Blood Bank, organised and very successfully carried out the Blood Donation Drive within college premises on the 4th of February, 2019. Months of planning and perfect execution were the key to attaining a sense of satisfaction and pride after the drive was complete. Volunteers had been working hard over the preceding three to four weeks in spreading awareness among both, the students of the college and the people from outside the college. Standees, posters, technical installations and flash mobs were some of the media used in publicising the Blood Donation Drive. The creatives team had come up with beautiful standees and posters, denoting the Magic of Donating Blood. The Technical Team, with its witty installations, formed centres of attraction around these, on the day of the Drive. People not willing to donate blood, were getting convinced of doing the great deed after seeing these artworks and installations, which successfully passed on the message in true sense!

The Drive was conducted at two locations: one on the 5th floor of the college for in-house donations and the other outside the college, in the Blood Bank’s mobile Van, for people from outside the college. Dr. Shetty had personally come for both, publicity in the college and for supervising the whole process. The procedure was very safe and handled by expert doctors. A publicity team was sent out to Juhu Beach and nearby areas to help spread the word of the Donation Drive on the streets. Simultaneously, students from the college came in large numbers to register for the noble deed. The drive was given a push start at 08:30 a.m. Donors started flowing in, in no time. Students filled the corridors of the 5th floor, waiting in queues. The first checkpoint was the Doctor’s Room, where a donor’s eligibility to donate blood was assessed. Eligible donors were sent to the Donor’s Room, where the actual procedure of donating took place. Non-Eligible Donors were asked to visit the Thalassaemia Check-Up room if there was a need of concern. The donors, after donating blood, were directed to the refreshments room, where they were served food and energy drinks to help aid the recovery process. Next came up the Photo Booth! The donors had the opportunity to click great pictures with Harry Potter and Magic based props! All donors were awarded a certificate for the kind deed along with the Blood Bank Card, ensuring certain benefits in future. Students of D.J. Sanghvi college, N.M. college, Mithibai College and NMIMS had all come to donate blood apart from the outhouse people who donated blood in the Mobile Van! The last donation was taken at around 06:00 p.m. In the end, the number of donations made were mesmerising. Last year’s DJNSS Blood Donation Drive had the highest in university donations. However this year, even that record was broken! All the Doctors expressed happiness and pride in the number of donations made that day. All volunteers who had worked hard for the success of the event, were satisfied and happy.

-Prithvi Joshi, Editorial co-committee of NSS