Jubilant Celebrations of the Annual Sports Day DJSCE

“Victory is in the quality of competition and not in the final score”

Glorifying the cutting edge of victory, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, organised the most awaited Annual Sports Day. It took place on 7th February, 2019 , showcasing the talent of the athletes of our college.

The event started with the IDPT captains placing their respective branch flags in the centre of the ground. For the success of any grand undertaking, God’s blessings are of utmost importance and so God’s blessings were invoked with the Opening Prayer and following the prayer, the 25th Anniversary board was revealed, which was accompanied by a speech from our Honorary principal, Dr. Hari Vasudevan. The principal addressed the crowd with the motto of the college “Creating Wingineers” and delved on the completion of silver jubilee of our college.

Following the speech, various sportsmen from the college commenced taking a round of the sports ground, carrying the lighting torch. Finally, this flame which symbolized “the light of spirit, knowledge and life” was presented to the principal who placed it at the centre of the ground with the department flags.

After the opening ceremony, a march-past was organised for our prestigious college committees. The troops showed great enthusiasm in this event, cheering for their respective college committees. The grandeur of the march-past was truly unmatched.

Next on schedule were the 100m, 200m and 1000m heats which were organised to shortlist the participants. The trial rounds of Shot-put and Long Jump started simultaneously. The students showed active participation in great numbers. The events went on from morning to noon, with active support from the faculty as well as student volunteers from the Trinity committee who ensured that the events were going smoothly.

Post break, our principal welcomed the chief guest Akshay Yadav with a bouquet of flowers. Following which, Mr. Yadav impressed the audience with what he is best known for, Football Freestyling, which made the crowd swarm the ground in huge numbers.

Following lunch, the much awaited Tug-of-War began. This event revolves around sheer strength and coordination of the teams. All the branches had their own respective teams of seven members of males and five members of females. It had the entire audience enthralled as the finalists made their way to victory, engaging their muscular strength to the fullest. The final event for the day which had great buzz surrounding it commenced. The relay race comprised of four participants from each department who were supposed to complete the 4x100m and did so enthusiastically.

-Neel Doshi