It’s a rainbow sky now here
Tomorrow it’ll be a dark lightening night
Today its right in our hands
Tomorrow it’ll flee out of sight

Sometimes it’s your DNA
Sometimes its your soul
It’s incomplete without love
And with some envy it is whole

It’s a rom com once in a while
And then it’s suddenly Titanic
Its horror on the next turn
And a thriller when you panic

Sometimes your worst nightmare comes true
Sometimes you live your best dream ever
Sometimes deja vu’s just happen so often
Sometimes it’s now or never

In the start it’s just like stalagmites
Growing slowly with wisdom from above
And then you are a stalactite
Giving away all your gained love

We feel its slow and monotonous
In a phase as it appears
And suddenly ten years pass by
And yesterday’s memory isn’t clear

We shoot like a rocket one day so high
And feel like everything’s in our hands
And fate cheats on us and like a meteor
The next instant we’re back to sand

Different people are the spices to this dish
They add their touch in proper amount
And eventually how many made your life the perfect dish
You won’t be able to keep count

So just enjoy as it comes and goes
Like a glowworm sparkling on
But remember you’re up for a tough ride
So don’t tell me i didn’t warn!

-Aditi Chavan