My Cosplay Journey

Cosplay, the word has its roots in costume play but what is cosplay for me? Cosplay for me is everything. It’s not a passion, it’s a form of expression. It’s the split between my two contrasting personalities. It brings out the expressive confident side of my rather introverted, antisocial personality.
Cosplay for me began one fine day in 2014 when I was informed through some mutual contacts that there would be a ComicCon happening in Mumbai that year, and that they have this competition called the cosplay in which we can dress up in costumes of our favourite characters on stage, do photoshoots and act on stage. My favourite character has always been The Joker, the archnemesis of the Batman. I always felt that, whatever character you portray on a stage, should be the one which you can express the greatest.
Naturally being gifted as an actor, on one fine day, I began painting myself in the mirror and I became SayyamTheJoker. I have been cosplaying every single year as the Joker in Mumbai Comic Con since 2014. Why the joker, well, it brings out your true character. He is a character full of insanity, madness and passion simply radiates out of him. I couldn’t find a fictional personality which would suit my character as much as the Joker does. I got a suit stitched, I made a handmade foam dagger and I used a golden felt pen as a blazer prop.
Some of my most memorable moments at the MCC include my endless battle with the batman, which I always win on account of fan reception, my battle of the century ,as I refer it to, with Diana, the Wonder Woman, my epic battle with the comedian from DC comics, slitting the throat of Mystique from Xmen and Poison Ivy for a photoshoot. Recently I cosplayed Joker at the Monkey Bar in Bandra and also did get featured on the cover page of the newspaper, Bombay times with my friends Anirvan and Wardhan, who cosplayed as two face and Heath Ledgers Joker respectively.
The journey did take many years, however, I did make quite a lot of friends on account of common interest despite being a introvert. I wouldn’t trade in the passion for anything because I feel its more than a passion for me, its a form of expression. Normally unexpressive as a person, with a loving ever supporting community of friends and a common interest, I feel change to my personality will come about soon. Cosplay has contributed a lot to me as a person.

-Sayyam Deshpande