Changing Friendships

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience is the ideal life”
While in middle school, I considered only the former part to be true; now I consider all other parts to be true but the first one. Why does one’s perception about friendship change while they grow up? Friendships are a unique relation, because unlike our family relationships, we choose to enter into them. The nature of friendships make them susceptible to the life’s whims more often than not.
Most people outgrow friendships once they leave their school paradise and enter into the world of college. We leave behind our amazing friend groups which we carried along all these years, only to realize that our journey with them has come to a cessation. Back in the day, we loved seeing them, we loved every second we spent with them, we talked about the most random things including our crushes and our parents. We shared millions of inside jokes with them. But then life came along. Everyone got busy in their own schedules. Those astounding memories we made, those fun outings we went to together, were soon forgotten. Instead, they were replaced with increasing study stress and the pressure to make a mark in this real world.
Our priorities shift, we blossom into new seasons of change. That’s the thing about change- we don’t always grow in the same direction as those we love. There comes a time when we don’t miss those outings anymore, we don’t find the same level of humour in the inside jokes as we once used to; rather we cherish the new memories we make with the new people we befriend in our college or university life. It will always be exciting to start a new phase in life, to meet new people and to socialize more. Heck, there would be times when you will feel that this is what PERFECT life looks like and you would be the most content in your life. That is all but a part of life. Nothing remains the same forever .With every phase of time, things change, people change. It would come as a shocker too when we slowly drift apart because of either difference in opinions or just an increasingly stubborn distance between the two of us. Everyone needs to come to terms with the fact it is perfectly okay to grow apart from your “Ride or Die” buddies, no matter how long you have known them or how many absurd pictures you have of them in your gallery. There is no shame in moving on and making room for new people into our lives. How would we grow into our best selves if we do not shed our skin?
We grow and we evolve. And sometimes we do not take everyone who started with or joined us on this journey. Bob Marley accurately quoted “ Everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for”. Truer words haven’t been spoken and no better lesson can one learn in their life other than gracefully accepting this as their own growth.

-Drashti Shah