The moon…September Fourth
The one who hangs in there
But doesn’t say a single word
Is always there in the sky
Not a satellite or a bird
He who stays in the dark
But illuminates the darkest hour
Seems very close to the eye
But is pretty far
That white speck that dawns after day
And changes shapes like clay
At night he shows his charming self
And in the morning he is gone away
I wonder how he might be
Alone up there so high
But he has the power to vanquish dark
And gives hope to every eye
To me he is my closest mate
Because he has never said a lie
Just loyally and truthfully does his errand every night
And is there for a hi or goodbye
His sheen so pure and calming to the soul
Makes one feel that peace
Which biased life had taken away
And all positivity had been seized
The one with scars but still so beautiful
Just tells the world why
Beauty doesn’t have a definition
Its something that soothes the eye
When alone and dejected I talk to you
You take my stress away
Your job is on but you still lend an ear
To all I’ve got to say
That was when I was a kid I could talk to you
And it would feel sane to me
But now if I catch myself doing that again
I’d certainly be crazy
Today let anyone point fingers
But I connect with you again
And speaking to you makes me realize
That all those years didn’t go in vain

There was something you had which
Appealed to me inside
Seeing you turn the dim light on at night
And somewhere at sea harshly turn the tide

-Aditi Chavan