The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz

DJ LIT, the literary society of the college, organised its annual flagship event that is, the quiz and this year, the theme revolved around the late-90s sitcom sensation, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Building on the success of the J.A.M, the event saw a larger audience in attendance with over 100 teams participating as participants from other colleges flocked in high numbers to be a part of the event. With giveaways and other activities planned, the event was the first of its kind being an intercollegiate event organised by the committee in the Seminar Hall.

Round one of the quiz, being a written round, the teams were given thirty questions on-paper to be answered in fifteen minutes time. Twenty-six teams with scores of 18 and above progressed into the second round. Between the two rounds, the crowd participated in giveaway activities. They were asked to come up with their own theories for a spin-off of the show and their versions of an extended storyline. Apart from this, the crowd members were asked to pull off the best Chandler impression they could. The participant who got the loudest cheers from the crowd won a RedBull.

Soon enough, the quiz started with round 2, which was also a written round. Twenty-six successful teams of round 1 were given a set of 20 questions, which were a bit difficult as compared to the previous round. This instance, time was the biggest constraint. Each team had to answer the questions within 10 seconds of them being read out! Quick thinking and an in-depth analysis of the show were useful here. This round was a quick one since it was time-based. Ultimately, a total of 10 teams progressed to the third round.

Between the second and the third round, there was another round of giveaways held. A diary was given to the one who was brave enough to come and sing Phoebe’s special, ‘Smelly Cat’ in front of the audience. Then, we had an Instagram giveaway session wherein a winner was chosen from among those who had commented on our particular post. This round ended on an amazing note with a few Redbulls given to people with noteworthy answers to certain questions.

Marching proudly towards the semi-finals were 10 teams all geared up to destroy each other. Thankfully, there was no trash talk, mostly because “Trash talks are embarrassing”. The fourth round was divided into 2 sub-rounds namely the “Pounce and Bounce” round and the “Differential” round. Rules stated during the first part of this round were:

  1. Each team will be given one question displayed on the screen.
  2. Starting from team 1, the team can choose to answer it or “bounce” it to team 2. They lose no points for bouncing.
  3. Team 2 must answer it and gain 10 points for the correct answer and a negative 10 for the wrong answer. Also, team 1 who bounced the question gains 10 points if team 2 loses.
  4. The moment the question has been asked to one team the rest of the 9 teams can “pounce”. They must raise their hand if they have the answer, write it on the paper provided and wait for the quiz master to come over and check the definiteness of the answer. The pouncing teams will be given 15 points if they are correct and negative 15 if they err.
  5. The teams must wait for the quiz master to come over and check the answer and prompting makes you forfeit 10 points so be silent and don’t be a Monica!

Adding up the points of both these sub rounds concluded the 4th round with only the top 6 proceeding to the final round.

Followed by this was the “Differential round”. You could only earn points in this round depending on how much your opponents forfeit. Ten questions appear on the screen one by one and every team is supposed to write their answers down. The quiz master checks and keeps track of the number of teams with the right and wrong answers for each question. For example, for the first question, if out of 10, 5 teams answer wrongly, the rest of the teams will get 5×5 (no. of wrongly answered opponents into 5 points) points each.

Hence if all teams are correct, none of the teams get any points. However, if only one team is correct and the rest are wrong then it gets 9×5=45 points! A very scoring round this was, which gave teams a strong edge of winning.

This round wasn’t just a regular round, it had an unconventional touch to it. It was based on the quiz Ross had come up with to break the tie between Rachel and Monica and Joey and Chandler- The Lightning Round. Each pair would be asked questions for a total of sixty seconds, the more they can answer, the better! After all the contestants would go through that one minute of rapid fire, only one team would win.

There were six sets of questions, segregated on a spinning wheel. They were- Ross’ Apartment, Central Perk, Monica’s Apartment, Trivia, Joey’s Apartment and Miscellaneous. All six teams gave it their best, and after a very competitive round, we had three clear winners. Kabir Kapoor and Palash Anjania as second runners-up, and Anushka Gangwal and Dhyey Mehta as first runners-up. Ria Jain and Gaurav Kataria took the first place, presented with a cash prize of Rs. 1,500. All three winners received merchandise from Redwolf.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Redwolf for providing exciting merchandise like F.R.I.E.N.D.S mugs and t-shirts, which were presented to the winners, and also awarded as giveaways throughout the event. Redwolf is an independent clothing label that has been selling merchandise of our favourite fandoms from a really long time. Do check them out at

Thus culminated our special event, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz. We assure you that DJ-LIT will be back with more such ‘lit’ events and we expect you, the students of DJSCE to be a part of them too!

-Malhar Hathi, Drashti Shah, Aditi Chavan and Himanshu Ashar.

(The Co-Editorial Team, DJLit)