Why Fitness Should Be Your Lifestyle

We live in a very hectic world. As college students, we have a lot of skills to learn, 6-7 hours of college to attend, and of course, the semester exams. As employees in the corporate world, most of us will have a 9-5 job, which requires immense concentration which can be very straining mentally. How, then, do you vent all the stress? By exercising. Relax, nobody’s telling you to spend two hours a day lifting weights at the gym. Fitness has multiple forms of exercising.
Sitting in one place for prolonged hours can do a lot more damage to your body than you realise. It damages your spine, degrades your posture and in general is a very lethargic state to be in. How do you confront this issue? Maybe you could go for a 5 km run twice a week. Or you could engage in a sport like football. Whatever increases your movement.
Studying in a college, you have a lot of things on your mind. Juggling exams, internships, projects, having a personal life, developing a personality so that you have recruitment-worthy skills at the end of your education; these things put a lot of pressure on your head. You need to get rid of this to function better. You could start weightlifting now and then. You could even engage in other sports which make you feel better. There are no restrictions.
But these are just reasons to break out the stress of your work-life. What about the other aspects? In today’s day and age, we tend to eat whatever is at our disposal. Processed food, junk food are a predominant part of our diet. This can be controlled, but not changed completely. This is where exercise comes in. Just a little bit of exercise 3-4 times a week, can really increase your metabolism and subsequently get you into better shape.
Another issue which is at large today: poor mental health. Yes, it is an undeniable evil. We often tend to feel low, sad or even suffer because of the pressure on us. This is another reason to start exercising. It regulates your body’s cortisol levels (subsequently reducing stress), helps you sleep better and also increases endorphins, which block pain and create a feeling of euphoria.
So as we try to keep up pace with this rapidly enhancing world, we may need some stress-busters along the way. You don’t need to make it your first priority, just look at it as your hobby, or just something you should be doing 3-4 hours a week. Stick to it, make it your lifestyle and it will definitely make you a more confident, efficient, and a happier version of yourself.

-Himanshu Ashar