Report on DJ Strike 2019 by IETE-SF

DJ Strike 2018, organized by the IETE-SFcommittee had been a roaring success. Inspired by the response received fromthe student body and the support provided by the teacher mentors, IETE-SF hadthis year promised to bring a bigger and better DJ Strike. Living up to theirpromise, the competition had been excruciating this year. The projects ondisplay were a mind-blowing combination of software and hardware concepts thatthe students had put immense hard work behind. Coming from beyond merelyacademic restricted curriculums, the students formulated projects based onArduino and Rapsberry pi, and developed apps and softwares to help ease andsimplify our lives. Right from density based traffic signals, smart farms,drowsiness detection and alert systems to smart irrigation systems, all havebeen immensely practical solutions to our daily problems and have helpedsimplify our lives.

The strike review process was divided inthree parts. It started off with the first review which took place on the 10th,11thand 12th of January wherein the teams had to submitthe project proposal. The second review held on the 14th, 15thand 16th of February was to portray 50% of the project. The thirdreview held on the 11th, 12th, 13th of March wasto present the complete technical paper for an internal evaluation. Theinternal evaluation done by Prof. Yukti Bandi, Prof. Venkatramanan and Prof.Tushar Sawant was a rigorous evaluation that spread over a course of threemonths.

The final presentation was graded out ofsixty and was combined with the internal evaluation which was out of 40, thewinners were declared on the basis of both these evaluations. The judges whoconducted the final review were our esteemed alumni, Mr. Sameer Kadam, Ms.Shruti Pistolwala and Ms. Komal Ajmera. All of the judges are doing extremelywell in the fields of their choice; be it entrepreneurship, teaching or thecorporate stream. They serve as the perfect role models to all the students andprovide inspiration for them to work harder.

1st Prize (EyeRis Vision forBlind 2):

Team: Jash Patani, Krisha Mehta, SamprasD’souza, Soumyaprakash Dasmohanpatra, Pratik Kanani

Teacher Mentor: Prof. Tushar Sawant

2nd Prize (Intelligent farmAssistant):

Team: Crispin Lobo, Sarfaraj, PradeeptiGupta, Harsh Benahalkar, Jay Vyas, Faisal Sadique, Saurav Rajwani.

Teacher mentor: Mrunalini Pimpale.

3rd prize (Sign LanguageTranslator):

Team: Dipak Chandak, Viren Contractor,Harsh Vaishnav, Devanshi Shah, Harsh Sanghvi

Teacher Mentor: Mrunalini Pimpale.

The winning projects had used a combinationof machine learning, real time object recognition, training and so on to givepractical and convenient solutions to actual problems that have causedinconvenience for people. The prizes were given out by an esteemed panelconsisting of Dr. Harivasudevan, Principal of D.J. Sanghvi College ofEngineering, Dr. Amit A. Deshmukh, Head of Department, EXTC, Prof. AnujaOdhekar, Branch Counsellor.

– Editorial of DJ Strike