Do Pure Bonds Still Exists?

Do pure bonds still exists?

What is pure? is what you ask,
Little do you know that it’s a difficult path
In this worldly life being pure
Is something that you will love to endure.

They say that a bond grows stronger with time,
Little do they know that adjustments have reached its prime
No more room for compromise exists, some call it ego, some call it pride
Sadly, it’s the tired soul within, which has given up on the fights.

It’s been a long time seeing those pure bonds,
Where there is only love without any wants,
When the selfish self is put to rest,
Just to see him smile at his best.

It’s a race we all are running,
Making friends has become a part,
Starting with many in the cart,
Remaining with handful of them till the last.

Jealousy and ego filling most of it,
I actually wonder do pure bonds still exists?
Using each other has become an art,
Master it and do your worldly part.

More the friends, more the social life
This disbelief kept him lonely from inside
Then he kept just one and two of them
Again to prove that he had selected the finest gem.

Everyone is so busy in bargaining
Little do they realise that sometimes happiness is in giving
Bond is something you create
From your heart and not your fate

Give it a try,
Trust me and hold it high
It will be worth it if you keep it pure
It will lead to all your cure.

-Rohin Mathew