Report on “Lines Of Code” Hackathon By ACM

The ACM Student Chapter of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering organised a 24-hour Hackathon called “Lines Of Code” on 16th and 17th March. The coding period began from 10:30 AM on 16th with the final judging commencing from 10:30 AM on the next day.
The Hackathon provided a platform for participants to showcase their creativity while implementing problem statements from different government bodies and NGOs. The best projects stood a chance to be implemented on a higher level, further internship opportunities and cash prizes worth 40,000. With over 200 participants, each team consisted of maximum four members. Teams were shortlisted on the basis of their resumes.
The round one of the Hackathon on the first day consisted of competitive jumble coding wherein the participants were provided with a jumbled coding problem set to be solved in an hour. There were extra points on offer for those who solved the fastest. The round two consisted of product development. The problem statements related to real life social issues were selected to challenge the coders to build practical and sensible solutions.
The bodies that provided the problem statements were the Byculla Fire Station, Young Innovators Foundation, Vivekananda Youth Foundation and the Indian Development Foundation.
On day two, the final judging commenced at 10:30 AM – exactly after a day’s coding period. The top ten teams presented their industry-grade projects. The judging panel consisted of company executives from Indian Development Foundation, Morgan Stanley and J.K Instinct Media.
Team BumbleBee from fourth year of Thadomal Sahani College of Engineering were declared winners with team XterMinators consisting of second year students from Shah and Anchor College of Engineering finishing as runner ups. Technoids – a team from third year of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering finished a close third.

-Malhar Hathi