Personality Development: Virtual VS Real?

When was the last time you checked your Instagramaccount for likes or ‘direct messages’ or your Whatsapp Messenger for a text?The most likely answer would be- 5 minutes back. Now ask yourself anotherquestion. When was the last time you went out with someone to talk over a cupof coffee and get to know them better? When was the last time you actually saton the dinner table with your whole family sans your mobile phone? When was thelast time you actually enjoyed with your friends or significant other withoutremoving this gadget from your pocket?

The irony of this situation is quite amusing: thesame teen that is taking the perfect selfie from the best angle, is now lazyand unfit; the one who is making crafty conversations on Whatsapp suffer fromlack of confidence and the one who is trying to perfect his Instagram andFacebook page, has lost his sense of personality.

Let us compare the emotional quotient here.People send many comforting messages and emoticons on Whatsapp, however eitherthey don’t mean it or they cannot express themselves when confronted in a faceto face situation. The dependency on social media often makes teensunderconfident in real life situations.

Nowadays all people are concerned with uploading“like-worthy” pictures to show how much fun they are having, or whatothers missed out on, but these people are really missing the bigger picturehere. We all have had that one night where we had so much fun, we forgot totake pictures; or that one outing where we left all our mobile phones and didsomething that really challenged us.

I strongly believe that the people who look foranswers on social media are the biggest fools, the answers have always and willalways lie within us. To all the teens reading this, I implore you to get offthe couch! Stop living in the bubble of social media and get a pinch of realitythat is life. We have often heard that a family that eats together, staystogether. Now is the time to put that into use. For every 10 minutes you spendon social media, try socializing with someone for at least 5 minutes. All ourfamilies have rich heritage, some good old stories and some untold truths. Whatcan possibly be a better time to spend some time with our grandparents, who areageing way faster than us than regret not spending time with them when it’s toolate? The true value of all relationships is always understood by the deep andmeaningful conversations with one another which cannot be fostered online.

In my vision, social media is like a good slave,one that obeys every command of his master, but if the master himself becomes aslave, his slave would not hesitate to become his master’s master. The humanrace is a social animal and must always remain the master of his own destiny.

-Khush Jhaveri