The “Vibe” Friend

In this ever competitive world
Where trusting someone seems a task
Life has shown us people all over
Just to understand that everyone has a mask.

Time passes by, bonds grow stronger
Still there remains a doubt,
Should I trust him any longer?

Out of nowhere then you meet someone,
Those innocent eyes sparkling and saying that I too have gone through a lot much,
The concept of resonance then comes to play
That one eye contact unleashes everything to display

Some call it vibe
Some say that you just connect
Maybe no perfect definition stands there to describe my vibe friend

The childish happy person that is now caged in them
The way they smile has a story to tell
But somehow, you were the only one who could see past them
I think there’s still no definition for a vibe friend

When their thoughts start matching those of yours
You start wondering, where were you all this time long
They say that it takes a long time to have an impact
Here there were two unknowns proving it wrong by their act

No expectations, no wants
You just rejoice when you walk along
A small conversation with them strikes a chord
Just makes you feel that this is where you belong

Imaginations then start building up
If would have met earlier, what great BFFs they would have become
But sometimes you should let things be
Actual beauty of it remains in keeping it in a way it’s meant to be

People like these are rare to sight
If you find them, make sure you keep in touch time to time
Just make sure you don’t choke them
Cause you may never know they may no more be your vibe friend

Let’s keep them far away from this World of definitions
And enjoy this beautiful relation.

-Rohin Mathew