A series of short poems


Once I was a kid and now look at me
18 years of age but still childish it feels
Missing the past and fearing the change
I keep going wherever life takes.

Change I fear but it never stops
My heart I feel, hard as rocks
Tears keep flowing, drop by drop
I sit still, staring at the clock.

People say, we live only once
I say no, we change and grow
Different person I am every now and then
Depending upon the road which I choose.

A message I leave, for the future me
Whatever it is never stop dreaming
Life is like a incurable disease
Finding the cure to which, is why we live.


In an idle dream
Of long ago
I see her smile
With a beautiful glow
Like pretty skies
And tempting ice
Her hands feel
Like paradise
Nestled in her
Love and pleasure
She truly is
One messy treasure
Bonded to her
In emotional bliss
United in dreams
And the fantasies
With the fire within
And stories unseen
In heaven or hell
She’ll be my queen.


Hard shelled it lives
And beautiful it feels
Being perfect is myth
Imperfection is bliss.

Small world we see
Full of mysteries
Embracing its grace
I’ll find my merry space.

Many things unseen
Forever they have been
Imperfection does reveal
The beauty within.


In this world, where I felt lost
Everything I saw, came with a cost
On the path which everyone forgot
I was a wandering wizard, self-taught.

The songs unsung, the stories untold
Nothing was new, on this road
Against all odds, I stood bold
I wish to erase, the memories so old.

For there’s always a second road
Something new you never know
Trusting the instincts that I follow
I wait here, for a better tomorrow.

– Manan Dedhia