Appreciation brings out the best in you

Success or failures?

What do you think teaches you the most? Most of you guys will say failures. All of us know “Failures are the stepping stones to success”. But I would beg to differ. I believe success inspires you to succeed more. Let’s take an instance. A small boy tries his level best at creativity but fails miserably. But when he shows his work to people, why do they appreciate it? That’s because it kindles in him a desire to work harder, make it prettier. But what if his efforts are not appreciated? He might lose his interest and give up on trying.

 The scenario goes the same with adults. Who doesn’t enjoy the bliss of being on the top? Who doesn’t enjoy recognition? Appreciation is a motivation, it is a reason to grow, a reason to depict perseverance, a reason to depict efforts . Someone having faith in you is the biggest motivation to not stop trying. Appreciation brings out the best in you.

Scientific studies have shown the ratio of working employees of the year increased drastically on the basis of credits given to each employee for the work done.

Every person is unique in their own way, the only difference is some of them know it and some don’t but can’t we all just be a little more considerate, a little more sensitive, a little more appreciative towards our other mates? Let’s do it. Let’s give it a shot and make beautiful memories with handy experiences.

By Bhoomika Valani