Creation of Art

To them you are the bullied girl,
The one who sits in the back of the class. 

To them you are the ugly friend,
Who always stood out and never fit in. 

To them you are a daughter,
Who never made them proud. 

To them you are just a mess up, a mistake,
To them you are worthless with no name. 

But their words’ value is the same
As that of a crumpled piece of paper, 

A sheet of white paper filled with words,
Is as insignificant as where it is thrown. 

This crumpled up paper tossed at you
As meaningless as the cracks on the streets of asphalt, 

Run over, beat down, looked at just once
Repaved with new black rock, to create something new, art. 

These words mean as much as what meets the eye,
For you can’t see one’s life story just through their eyes. 

A smile, a laugh, a mere shrug of the shoulder 
All in which you hide the pain filled in your body 

But don’t shelter the pain and let it get filled in
Let the tears flow because it just proves how strong you’ve been. 

You are the passion, that brings someone up
Just like when their favourite song is played 

You are the happiness in one’s eyes,
When you showcase your beautiful smile. 

You are a girl of strength and beauty,
A flower born in the bush of thorns, 

You are a friend like no other,
Funny, sweet and caring like a mother. 

You are a person, a human with flaws,
Be you, because that’s the best gift of all. 

You are beautiful, you are smart,
You are a wonderful creation of art.

– Jill Karia