Erosion of values in our society

We can all agree that ‘values’ which are nothing but a set of moral principles are deeply embedded in our culture. They are mainly based on respect for one another, importance of integrity and striving hard for peace and happiness.

However if we take a closer look at the world around us, we have to face the harsh reality that these values are hardly cared for anymore. Living in a country like India, we have all grown up with some strong religious backgrounds having good value systems; but they seem to be losing their way in this deceptively modern society of ours.

In the quest and pursuit of material prosperity people are willing to cross all moral boundaries. Everyday we hear about scams and people in position of authority succumbing to greed. Public figures with tainted personalities are setting up a bad precedent in for our youth. Shortcut to success can be achieved by compromising ethics and this is where the main problem lies. People want to succeed at any cost and they don’t blink an eyelid if they have to choose a wrong path. Bribing, used as a mean to jump the queue is not seen as immoral. Lying for personal gain is again, not considered incorrect. Putting self interest first at the cost of depriving others is not considered wrong.

Children mimic the behaviour of their elders and so as a generation where the youth dominates the population, we need to set the right examples. Every generation will blame the next for not respecting their values, but truth be told, it is a gradual process. The world is changing and so are we. Change is inevitable after all. So let us embrace the future but at the same time, not let go of our roots. The coming generations would never no about the legacy that we have inherited unless we take it upon ourselves to pass it on.