JAM September 2019 – A Report

DJ LIT, the literary society of DJ Sanghvi college, organized the second J.A.M. of the year (on popular demand) on 30th September, 2019. This, unlike what most people assume, does not involve either singing, or food preservatives, but instead, stands for Just A Minute. Due to the scads of people turning up, the members were hard pressed to find seats and therefore could be seen lounging around the feet of the one and only Rohan Poojari, who acted as the JAM-master. The JAM-master is the man with the maximum clout (though just for a minute), who hosts the event, and acts as the supreme judge. He was extremely successful at keeping the audience entertained, and the participants on their toes, for a whopping 3 hours. The JAM involves one among eight participants speaking, or trying to speak, without hesitation, repetition, or making grammatical errors. The rest are tasked with JAMming the speaker and tripping him/her up when they make any of these mistakes. The errors are classified into major, and minor errors, with a major error making a difference of five points, and a minor error of two.
The number of seconds a person speaks for, indicate the number of points gained by the person. If an error pointed out is deemed acceptable by the JAM-master, the JAMmer gets the appropriate points, if not they lose the same. After a valid JAM, the JAMmer has to speak for the remaining part of the minute. This event saw as many as 10 JAMs in one minute. Sometimes, the JAMmaster may take it into his head to introduce the JAMmaster’s delights, wherein the JAMmer, before objecting, has to perform a certain task, on the pain of losing 10 points. These delights injected a note of levity into the already exciting event, and included funny movie one-liners, dedication of songs to audience members, and slightly risque twerking, as demonstrated by LIT member, Sharmi . The topics this time, suggested by the ever ready LIT members a few days prior, ranged from the dankest memery, to ridiculous puns and political humour. The participants included students from all branches and years of the college. At length, the winner of the JAM emerged: SE student Varun Pradhan, with Hemil Kothari and Manav Jain as runner-ups. They were presented with the traditional bottles of Jam by last year’s JAM winner, Mokshit Mehta with some aplomb.
As always, the true spirit of the JAM lay in the wit and banter demonstrated by the JAM-master, the participants, and the audience.

Pictures of the event can be found on these links:
Link 1
Link 2