Moving on

I will call it the most millennial and underrated concept of all time.

Because in our current generation, most of them are in the middle of it somewhere.
It starts with Denial, where we feel that everything is normal and just by pretending that it is – it will get back to being normal. It’s followed by Anger – the most common emotion which we express when someone or something is acting against the norm and we are unsure in that moment whether we are angry on ourselves or the other person. 
Then comes Bargaining, where we go back to that person, accept whatever he/she wants in anyway or even show them that we are doing ,what they always wanted us to do via social media or friends and make promises just because we are used to their presence, their care or a set routine with them. We get back together at this point only to go through all of it over again.

The next stage is Depression. Oh the pain! The part where food doesn’t taste good anymore, sleep is the only recluse and our playlist consists of that one song we always skip. Visiting places, people associated with our fellow partner is the most difficult thing and following our normal routine with a void left by them breaks us in pieces like never before.

The final stage is Acceptance where getting out of bed isn’t really a task anymore. The one song we were skipping all this while doesn’t hurt us anymore and visiting places we used to with them gives us a feeling of nostalgia rather than hurt and we decide to give ourselves and love one more chance.

The only scam in all these stages is they don’t come with a set timeline but the only guarantee is moving on happens one day or other. To all of you out there who are into it just at any stage just hold on a bit long, everything will fall in place.

– Shreenath Sawant