Princess In Disguise

She waits and waits
By the door for him
To free her from her fears
There is nothing left but tears...

She had read in a fairy tale
He comes on a white horse
With a sword in his hand
To rescue the princess from the cruel land

So she waits and waits
By the door for him
To sweep her off her feet
When they finally meet

People say she is ugly
People say she is stupid
Her torture never seems to end
Everyday she has to bend

So she waits and waits
By the door for him
to add some fun
And make her realize that she is the one 

But her faith is getting lost
With each passing day
All the stories seem unreal
Just to fill children's life with zeal

So she doesn't wait
Having lost all the hope
Suddenly she sees her reflection on the shiny plate
Is this really her fate?

She could not recognize herself
Had she always been this dull?
She then realized her error
Her hands shivering in terror

If she does not love herself
How can she expect anybody to love her?

So she doesn't wait
Fights her own battles with a smile
She does not need anybody to make her realize
That she is a princess in disguise
- Aarya Bagde