What after death?

“Do you believe in the After Life?”, He asked me. I scoffed at the thought. This man, a complete stranger, wanted to ask me philosophical questions for some reason.
“No, I definitely don’t believe in that!” I replied, feeding in to the thought.
Well why not? I began to ponder. After all that has happened, I should believe in it…

I remember myself taking a walk in a garden full of roses and the noise of the flat line from the ECG machine was music to my ears as I perceived it to be the chirping of the birds. I remember how I jumped around thinking I was back in reality while I was still in a coma and almost dying. It seemed so real. Of course, this was all just my imagination, but then my pulse was down to zero. I had died in reality. And that’s when all the places I have ever wanted to visit danced around in my mind. It was almost as if this was a movie. And then I felt a shock, the defibrillator obviously. It shook me up, asking me to wake up. And I did. I was back from the dead. So was everything that I just saw imagination or did I live somewhere after my death for a while till I came back to life?

What is after life? Do I take birth again in some other world or dimension after I die? Do I meet the people I already knew before or is it just another life? Do I get to watch over my friends and family?
Maybe after life is a second chance to work upon yourself. Maybe it’s a stepping stone to being reborn. Maybe you learn to be a better person. Maybe you fulfill your unfulfilled dreams and wishes. If any such concept exists, there are a lot more things yet to be discovered then!