Building A World That Works For All


In this era of hustle and bustle,

Where things often get ruffled,

Why fight for rights, why break unity?

Do you guys ponder upon this? I surely do.

Feminism, something that is highly overrated and highly underrated at the same time. The concept of feminism has lost its core and significance. Feminism came into picture to usher in equality, to kindle a spark of emancipation. But over a period of time, feminism has lost its roots. It is merely subjected to overruling of women over men. Feminism implies equal rights to women in political, social and economical matters.

What is feminism in the true sense and why is it important?

Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. In the nineteenth and twentieth century which brought about an upward spiral of development, women were somewhat deprived of it. Women didn’t have their right to education. Even now, there are some backward and conservative areas having the stereotype that women are meant to be at home and are treated as slaves. This has to be changed.  

In simpler terms,

feminism is a baby girl’s right to see the world;

feminism is a sedulous girl’s right to bear the torch of education;

feminism is a teenage girl’s right to express her opinion;

feminism is a woman’s right to work and be on her own.


One of the major reasons behind this is women. Not all women, the women who misuse the rights, women who use feminism to dominate men. Women need to understand that Feminism is a right and not something to satisfy their ego. Another reason is men who think feminism will prohibit their betterment, their development which is not true. Some people think feminism will have a negative impact on the society and hence do not support it. The problem with us is that we know what is important and what has to be done but are lost on how to go about the same.

Some people think feminism is already achieved, some think it is not needed and some violate it. Isn’t it our job to be all ears to this problem? Think.

Let us find a solution to this and if you can’t find one, be one.