To my lost best friend

My first day at school;  as a toddler,

Looking for someone who is a total dawdler,

But then I found you sitting in a corner,

Staring at ice cream from the dormer.

Trust me, it was no less than a ‘Eureka’ moment,

When I ran up to you to say Hi,

But the total notorious freak that you were,

You pulled my hair and made me cry.

From the annual day dances where I made you fall,

To the farewell performance; we grew up together.

Sometimes a dad, sometimes a brother,

He who fit himself in all the roles forever.

Snatching my lunch on trips and irritating me to the fullest,

Still wondering how he managed to be in my best.

Cheers to the fights that we had,

Cheers to the ones that brought us close,

And cheers to all the nostalgia that bring our memories.

Thank you for being the caring one,

Thank you for always going the extra mile,

And thank you for always making me smile.

Sitting alone gazing at the sky,

Or travelling in crowded trains,

Through numerous glances of people passing by;

You’re the one that I wish for.

I still love you, I can’t deny.

How can I forget you?

When my heart is a place where you reside.