Untimely rains : A wake up call

It’s the eleventh month of the year and grey continues to dominate the skies. November was never synonymous to darkened clouds, howling winds, to the heavens rumbling before the rains came down cascading. This is not just some crazy weather. Here we are, witnessing the disastrous effects of climate change with our own eyes and they are all too real and threatening.

Sometime earlier this week, the newspapers published an article saying “Mumbai could be submerged by 2050.” And yet headlines as alarming as this one don’t make it to the front page. Why? How long can we be ignorant for? Referring to climate change as a hoax is nothing but turning a blind eye to the current state of our world.

We cannot afford to be a generation of silent spectators. Kids are taking part in movements, talking about problems they didn’t create. The youth is gathering in the streets, millions at a time. The teens are crazy, they say, but if worrying about the future is considered crazy, then so be it. Now is the time to take our stand. We cannot just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen. To quote environmentalist Robert Swan’s famous lines, ‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’ The urgency to take this statement into account has never been greater before.

The world cannot be saved by a bunch of environmentalists, scientists or any army alone. Neither can it be saved by making bold speeches at international conferences or perhaps by publishing posts like these on the internet. But for now what’s important is that we don’t perpetually avoid issues that really matter, waiting until we reach the tipping point to finally care.