Book Review: As Simple As Snow

Young adult fiction is always an interesting read. This debutant book by Gregory Galloway features a high school boy who, unexpectedly falls hopelessly in love with Anna Cayne, or how she liked to call herself- Anastasia. Anastasia is a goth chick, silent, who moved into the little town. Anastasia’s idea of a hobby was writing obituaries, in a fancy manner for everyone in town- trying to predict how that person would spend the remainder of their life and how they’d die. Other than this odd hobby, she enjoyed indie-rock. Her music was all she left the author before she mysteriously disappeared leaving behind a peculiar array of clues, puzzles and maps.
The author finally leaves the book as a mystery with the clues for the readers to decipher, everyone arriving at a different conclusion with regards to her disappearance.
As simple as snow- highlights the disappearance of young Anastasia. It’s a play on words, snow crystals are all unique with different patterns that can not be mathematically formulated on paper. Hence, as simple as snow. A must read for young adults with love for an engrossing story that leaves you with more questions than answers.