Internet Connection

Bonds formed on the internet are so fragile
The question, ‘How did you guys meet?’
Does not have an answer.
Don’t you know
Friendships these days don’t begin with a warm smile and a conversation
Just send them a follow request
So what if they don’t accept?
Send a request to thousand others.
Wait for a few days, don’t text just yet
You don’t want to seem like a creep
React to their story
Do words seem too difficult?
Save yourself that time worth two other quick replies
Just use those freaking emoticons
And send!
Flood their comment’s section
With phrases stolen from the internet
And quote someone else’s lyrics
It’s a pity that our generation equates falling in love
With falling for their smile
In pictures masked with a thousand filters.
Social media is home
To relationships so frangible
To feelings so superficial
That fade just as easily
As they are born.