An Emotional Haven

I’ve not met any soul who doesn’t enjoy music. Music is an art that brings us both beauty and miracles. Someone prefers playing an instrument, or singing or just plain old listening to the tunes they love. Everyone seems to have their earphones plugged in most of the time, listening to music that soothes them. Everyone has a different taste in music- someone may find pleasure in the calmness of jazz, another may find their rhythm in the funk of hip hop. Someone may yodel to the old country blues, another may enjoy the modern electronic. No one taste is the right taste. Personally, I’m more of a moody listener. I even named my playlist ‘Parth’s Mood Swings’ (
I listen to jazz when I tend to smile for no reason, country when I’m driving, metal when I feel like having a Redbull at night, electronic when I feel like hopping to the beat. I listen to all sorts of random music. I listen to music I don’t even understand the lyrics to.
There’s something about music that fills a person with emotion- from joyfulness to sadness. Music, in any form, shares a story- an incident, a memoir, a festival, a relationship, etc. It celebrates life- its glory along with its modesty, the ups as well as the downs.
Why though, do we find pleasure in music? Of course, it’s soothing, but everything someone does, has a deeper, a stronger reason. That reason is not always evident at the surface of things. The lyrics of a song, or just that song itself invokes memories, emotions involving love, joy, sadness, or any such feeling that makes the listener want more. A song may remind someone about a person, or a place, or something else, that makes them enjoy that song. Like everything else, music too, is interpreted by every listener in a different way. A song that seems to be a joyful tune, might bring back memories that invoke sadness to someone. That feeling is personal to the listener and the person he or she may share that memory with. Maybe whenever we are feeling a certain kind of emotion, listening to music will elevate our mood and envelop our senses. Hence, as long as people feel an emotion, they’ll find pleasure in the things that cause that emotion, and will keep on enjoying music. It’s an emotional haven for everyone.
In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” I couldn’t agree more. Without tunes that I could relate to, I don’t know how I’d feel any sort of emotion, I’d be numb all the time. Music is the one thing that can elevate my mood however I’m feeling, and I’m very grateful to every artist out there who is composing music for the sake of humanity, because where words don’t make sense, music does.