A Case Of Deviant Demeanour and YOU

With the recent season of ‘YOU’ being all the rage as soon as it released this week, (and also with me having binge watched it in record time), it got me thinking about why this “generation” as the boomers call it or the aggregate of the millennials and gen Z are so obsessed with everything murder.

From Making a Murderer, Mindhunter and the Ted Bundy Tapes, Netflix knows what we love and capitalizes on it wholeheartedly. Thus, while we binge happily paying our monthly subscription, do we really know WHY we’re so obsessed with true crime and murder? Is it a healthy fascination or an obsession as Paige Smith describes? A.J. Marsden, an assistant professor of Human Services and Psychology at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida reasons out why in a Huffpost article saying “True crime might be so fascinating because it offers us a glimpse into the deviant parts of the human psyche.” It enables us to dive into the deeper side of humanity from the confines of our couch, a case quite apparent in ‘YOU’. Another quite apparent reason is that we’re prone to put ourselves in the victim’s position and our brain justifies this binge watching as a method of prevention.

Now, the above facts are completely mundane, however it has been proven that overexposure of these addictive crime shows leads to anxiety, nightmares and paranoia. “Prolonged exposure to true crime stories affects your body negatively because your stress levels spike when you’re watching or reading it”, says the assistant professor.

Thus, even as these vacations come to an end and some of us are drawn out of our binge bubble, let’s reflect on our watching habits and behaviours periodically and tone it down when it comes to these addictive but stress inducing shows, much to streaming platforms’ dismay.