Cupid’s Arrow

There are two kinds of people in this world.
The good and the evil,
The angel and the devil.

Love being a funny thing,
Makes sure opposites attract,
Just like we did.
People will tell you that I’ve always been good as gold.
But isn’t there always something more to what we’ve been told?
We all make bad choices,
Decisions that we regret,
And for a lifetime, we find ways to distract ourselves
To lose the bad memories,
To make ourselves forget.

I was always warned by the old and wise,
Not to fall in the trap of love at first sight
But when I had seen you smile, looking so perfect under the golden sun,
Being with you just felt so right.

Little did I know, when my eyes found you
That I was signing up for sleepless nights,
Because I promise you, that not for a single day
Since the one we spent together last,
Have I stopped wondering why it all had to come crashing down so fast.

As I take a stroll down the memory lane,
I try to relive our happiest moments
Whilst battling this ferocious, engulfing wave of pain,
And the same tears that you brushed away with your rough yet soft hands
Roll down my cheeks once again.

As I glue my broken pieces back together,
I just want you to know that
Your absence bothers me no more,
Your presence doesn’t sting,
The only emotion I do feel, is the pain of losing something
That was never mine from the very beginning.

I don’t know what hurt me more – was it you or simply falling for you?
When I tried to hunt for the source
Of my anger, regret and sorrow
It dawned on me that it hurts so much
To be shot by Cupid’s arrow.